Chrome Wire Shelving

Provide Additional Surfaces With Chrome Wire Shelving

Do you want to make that unused wall in your house more functional? If you do, then placing chrome wire shelving offers you additional surfaces for your things while the shelves help in keeping your stuff organized and in place. Wire shelving can be used for

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many applications. Homes, restaurants and various retail stores often use wire shelving for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Photo frames can be placed on the shelves to beautify an interior as well as be used for functional items like bath towels, books and tools among others. The kitchen, bathroom and garage are the areas in the house wherein wire shelving is often added. Wire shelving may come in different colors but chrome is a popular choice as this kind of material looks fantastic while being less prone to rust, scratches and stains.

Standard chrome wire shelf comes with four poles and 3 to 5 shelves. It may also feature wheels for mobility and to make the shelving unit more functional and convenient especially when used for commercial applications. Chrome wire shelves with wheels has a lock-in feature so the unit can be both stable and mobile. The thickness of the poles and shelf support weight varies with every shelf holding from 200 to 1,200 pounds depending on the manufacturer. Chrome finished wire shelving systems are easy to assemble and often require no tools. Its durable chrome steel construction makes this kind of shelving very practical, highly functional and extremely useful for home and business use. Chrome wire shelves  answer that need for additional space while giving you bonus features like longevity and being easy to maintain.

Chrome Wire Shelving

How to Clean Chrome Wire Shelves

Chrome plated steel shelves are not only cheap but they essentially require less maintenance than wood, glass or wrought iron shelves. Chrome shelves dont accumulate much dust and retain their quality over the years. However, regular cleaning is still important to ensure a clean environment for everyone as well as make certain that your chrome shelf doesnt get dull or become rusty. Here are some of the steps on how to properly clean and maintain wire shelving with chrome finishes.

  •  Dilute soap or detergent in a bowl or pitcher of water then use this mixture to clean the chrome shelves. Dip a sponge into the mixture and then scrub the surface of the shelves. Wipe dry by using thick paper towels or a clean cloth. Cleaning your chrome wire shelf this way should be able to get rid of the dirt and sand that may have accumulated on its surface.
  •  You can also clean chrome surfaces by using baking soda. Combine this ingredient with water for a pasty consistency. Apply on corners and edges of chrome shelves with the use of a small brush or old toothbrush. This should be able to clean hard to remove dirt and keep your chrome shelving shiny and new once more. Make sure to rinse the baking soda paste with water before wiping the surfaces dry.
  •  Try using chrome cleaner. This can be purchased locally at stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Lowes among others. Just follow the instructions that come with the cleaner and youre on your way to get your shelves clean.
  •  Rubbing alcohol and soda can also be used to clean chrome wire shelves. Alcohol is great in removing spots created by unfiltered water. Cola or soda on the other hand can be used together with aluminum foil to remove rust spots that may be found on the surfaces of shelves.
  •  To restore the shine and luster of chrome plated shelves, wipe each shelf with a very small amount of oil. Pour a very tiny amount of baby or olive oil on a cloth and then wipe the surfaces of every shelf. Just bear in mind that this should be done only after cleaning the wire shelving and shouldnt be exercised when the shelves are still dirty. This final step should bring back the shine and make your chrome plated shelves look aesthetically pleasing once again.
Chrome Wire Shelving

Some Factors to Consider with Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome wire shelves are a great addition to the home but the look of steel may not necessarily be aesthetically pleasing for some people. Classic style homes for example may benefit more from wood shelving and cabinetry in terms of style and appearance. However, for modern styles homes that value functionality more than anything else, chrome shelving serves well in most cases. Theyre strong, durable and can provide that need for aesthetics depending on the rooms design features.

The overall dimensions as well as the shelf support weight should be given a lot of thought when you plan to purchase chrome shelving. The shelf should be able to carry the items that you need to place on it as you surely wouldnt want the whole system to collapse. Also try to determine your needs on whether youd like mobility or something that is more stable.

Doing some research also helps. View the different chrome wire shelving systems available in the market and compare prices. Ease in setting up the shelves is something that you may consider as well as one that is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The safety of you and your family is very important. A product that is certified by a trusted government body certainly gives you more peace of mind.

Chrome Wire Shelving A Great Addition to Any Home

It sure is nice to have additional shelves in your home that can definitely stand the test of time. You can place chrome plated shelving in your garage, bathroom, kitchen, living room and laundry area and experience more convenience in doing your daily chores. Having additional surfaces for your things is always a welcoming thought especially with a growing family. You get that much needed space for your essentials while keeping your things well arranged and organized. Chrome wire shelving is simply a great addition to any home.